Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India
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The following questions are here to help us provide each student with the necessary means to make the teacher training experience enjoyable for all. The answers to these questions will be kept in strict confidence, and may be discussed with the applicant to make sure that the teacher training program is the right choice for them.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial

Teacher Training Reviews

  • I chose to study at Ajarya because they looked professional on the website. I was pleasantly surprised to find they were not only professional, but also knowledgeable, friendly, open and fun. I would highly recommend the Ajarya Yoga Academy to anyone with an interest in Yoga.

    Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial


  • Thank you for a great time and a great education. I really felt taken care of through the whole program, everything from first contact to accommodation to teaching, to free time (such as visiting sights, going to the doctor and getting a surprise party for my birthday) really was well arranged and high quality.

    Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training in India Testimonial

    - Sweden

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