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A welcome note to our upcoming September 2017 YTT students!!

In the hustles of this busy life, we often find ourselves drifting away, we feel disconnected, and foggy somehow; this feeling of not belonging to where you are happens to almost everyone. When these fears of being lost start gripping your heart, a holiday, a change of location and habit is exactly something that you need.

A yoga escape is unlike any other holiday or hobby that you take up rashly, it is exhilarating on both physical as well as spiritual levels. A yoga retreat is where you find yourself, you find your solace, you find answers to what you’ve been looking for and obviously learn yoga. You learn the physical work through regular, disciplined and designed classes, while you learn to control your mind through the experience.

Practicing yoga in the ethereal beauty of Rishikesh is vastly different from practicing yoga anywhere else. The beauty and the essence of Rishikesh slowly seeps into the soul, it’s fresh and calm air refreshes the body and the vibrations in the yoga capital align the chakras and make you more aware.

Ajarya welcome the aspirants of our 2017 September batch of 200hrs & 300hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course and we hope that you find whatever it is that you’re seeking, right here in Rishikesh.

Through your comments below, feel free to connect with your fellow batch mates. You can get to know each other better, sync your travel plans or your transit stays at New Delhi OR just talk about anything under the sun!

Just to let you know, we will be organizing the following: (optional opt-in basis at extra costs)

(1) Group transfer between Delhi and Rishikesh for a safe, economical and hassle-free transfer for you.
(2) Return transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi after get you back to central New Delhi / Airport for your return

The above are OPTIONAL.
Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.
We look forward to having you all over in September!!

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