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A Welcome Note to our Upcoming March 2015 YTT Students!

March is the tranquil month in World Capital of Yoga, Rishikesh. The city shines with its soothing surroundings and aroma. Pleasant river breeze enhances its benign weather.

A current of energy flows everywhere in this Yogic Land in this season. The weather itself motivates to learn something new and rich.
Practicing Yoga in this soothing time is the best way to consume your energy in the positive direction.

The Ajarya Yoga Academy 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course is all set to begin from March 09 at Rishikesh.

We are specially happy to have students from all over the World in this batch.

We look forward to receive you all and help shape you into better practitioners & teachers!

This post is restricted to the arriving trainees for the March 2015 TTC.

Through your comments below, feel free to connect with your fellow batchmates. You can get to know each other better, sync your travel plans or your transit stays at New Delhi OR just talk about anything under the sun!

Just to let you know, we will be organizing the following:

(1) Some pre-TTC recreation on Arrival, through a Group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra March 07, 6 am onwards)

(2) Group transfer between Delhi and Rishikesh (March 08, 6 am onwards), for a safe, economical and hassle-free transfer for you.

(3) Return transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi after the closing ceremony (April 05) to get you back to central New Delhi / Airport for your return

The above are OPTIONAL.
Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.
We look forward to having you all over in March!

Comments (12)

  1. Rebecca Dresner said on 15-01-2015

    Hi everyone,

    I am so excited to meet all of you and to participate in the yoga teacher training!

    Here is a little bit about myself:
    I recently graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, where I studied International Affairs/Business Administration. I also have a degree in Advertising/Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I am currently working at a global insurance company in New York City doing Corporate Communications, but I wasn’t feeling very inspired in my role, so I decided to finally following my long-time dream of taking a yoga teacher training in India.

    I am really interested in learning about what everyone’s accommodations and travel plans are, here are mine:

    - I will be arriving in New Delhi on the afternoon of March 6th and am staying at The Pearl Hotel
    - I plan to participate in the Taj Majal trip and the car transfer to Rishikesh
    - I am staying in India until April 20th ( I depart from New Delhi) and would love some travel parters after the program! I would like to visit Jaipur and the Golden Temple in Amritsar, but I am open to other places if anyone else is extending their stay.

    I look forward to learning more about all of you and meeting you soon!


  2. Liudmila Shirmina said on 16-01-2015

    I’m very glad to meet you all and to participate in this course in incredible Rishikesh!
    I would be very glad to become friends on Facebook (Liudmila Shirmina) or Instagram (shirmna_).
    I’m from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Very small, but very beautiful country in Central Asia. full of mountains (by the way, welcome everybody! My house is open for all the yogis 24/7!!).
    About my trip:
    I arrive to Delhi on the 8th of March and immediately go to Rishikesh.
    Leave Delhi on the 7th of April, plan to walk round Delhi couple of days (while being in India for the first time I fell in love with Akshardham and plan to visit it again). If anyone wants. welcome to join me exploring Delhi.
    All the best, dear yogis!

  3. Ryan Pedley said on 19-01-2015

    Anyone going to be arriving a few days early in Rishikesh? I’ll be hanging around for a bit so if you’re keen for some gallivanting and hanging out – let’s do that!
    I’m Zimbabwean/Australian – living near Melbourne. Anyone else coming from this way?
    Will be super rad to meet you all:)

  4. Peggy LeBlanc said on 20-01-2015

    Greetings from Canada. My name is Peggy and I live in Amherstburg Ontario.
    It is a beautiful little historic town. The closest city( 20km) is Windsor Ontario and is the border city to Detroit Michigan.
    I retired March of 2014 from Chrysler Canada wher I workd for 30 yrs.
    I have 4 awesome grown adult children ( 3 with spouses) and an amazing grand daughter who will be turning 4 while I am in India.
    I also have a wonderfully supportive husband who will be taking care of our dog and kitty while Im away. :)
    I love them all so much!
    I will be arriving in Chennai India Feb 26 ..arriving in Delhi Feb 28 and leave on a tour of Northern India until March 9.
    I am so looking forward to meeting all of you and of experiencing and learning everything I can soak up about yoga in my pores , my heart and my soul.
    Safe journey to all of you.
    Until then …
    I wish you Peace and Light

  5. Christina said on 21-01-2015

    Hello everyone! I’m Christina and currently living in South Korea. I recently started my yoga journey and am excited to take it to the next level. I’m originally from Rhode Island, USA.
    After finishing my third year teaching English In South Korea, I’ll head to New Dehli on March 3rd. I’d be happy to meet up prior to the group trip to the Taj Majal (I will be attending). I am interested in the Holi featival March 5th or 6th I believe.

    I look forward to meeting everyone!

    Smile. ^^

    • Rebecca said on 29-01-2015

      Hi Christina (and anyone else)-
      I will be landing in Delhi on March 5th and am also looking to celebrate Holi. If you’re interested, email me and we can make some plans! Rebecca.dresner@gmail.com

    • Kristin Brassett said on 06-02-2015

      I also would like to go to the holi festival with you, Rebecca, and whoever else wants to join!

    • Ryan pedley said on 10-02-2015

      Hey – where are you all going for holi? Celebrated it a couple of years ago in Nepal. What a lovely day! I arrive on the 5th in Delhi

  6. Christina said on 21-01-2015

    I also plan to do the group transfer to Rishikesh. ^^

  7. Kate Gentile said on 29-01-2015


    I just confirmed with Ajarya and I’m excited! This group blog is a cool idea. I’m originally from upstate New York. I’m living in holland now, near amsterdam. I am planning to join the Taj Mahal trip and the group ride to rishikesh so I will meet some of you there before we get started. I don’t have a hotel booked yet in Delhi . Christina, I’m also into the Holi festival. It looks like a crazy, fun time. I think it is on the 6th. Sounds like well be in touch more in the coming weeks so I’ll keepp this short.

    See you all soon!

  8. Kristin Brassett said on 06-02-2015


    I’m so excited about this yoga adventure in India. I’ve always wanted to get certified in yoga and travelling is one of my many passions.

    I’m Kristin and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I am 29 years old. I have a degree in chemical engineering; however, I very recently quit my job after my mother passed away. I have gotten really out of shape mentally and physically over the past few months so I can’t wait to start! And, this will be definitely be a challenge :)

    I plan on arriving in New Delhi on March 6 and going to the Taj Mahal with the group. After the course is completed, I am planning on going to Burma then Chiang Mai, Thailand where I have a friend that lives there. The Thai New Year is celebrated during the water festival April 13-15. Would love for anyone to join me for a southeast Asian adventure! Also, I am open to other ideas so if anyone has a better plan than this …I’m game.

    You can find me on facebook, email kbrass2@gmail.com, or reply here

    I can’t wait to meet everyone! – Kristin Brassett

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