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A Welcome note to our upcoming June 2015 YTT students!!

Rishikesh gets sufficient heat from the Sun in the month of June. Warm month of June is the best time to attain yoga benefits. You always feel energetic in this month as the weather keeps you far away from lethargy.

This month is the best time to learn something productive and plan a future. Learning Yoga in this time is really fruitful.

Attend Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and plan a bright future as Yoga Teacher.

Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training is all set to commence from June, 2015.

We are especially happy to have students from all over the world in this batch!!

We look forward to receive you all and help shape you into better practitioners & teachers!

This post is restricted to the arriving trainees for the June 2015 TTC.

Through your comments below, feel free to connect with your fellow batchmates. You can get to know each other better, sync your travel plans or your transit stays at New Delhi OR just talk about anything under the sun!

Just to let you know, we will be organizing the following:

(1) Some pre-TTC recreation on Arrival, through a Group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra June 20, 06 A.M. onwards)
(2) Group transfer between Delhi and Rishikesh (June 21, 06 A.M. onwards), for a safe, economical and hassle-free transfer for you.
(3) Return transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi after the closing ceremony (Jul 19) to get you back to central New Delhi / Airport for your return

The above are OPTIONAL.
Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.
We look forward to having you all over in June !!

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  1. Abdullah said on 27-04-2015

    Namaste Ajarya and fellow future classmates! I am really looking forward to course and meeting everyone.

    I will be arriving in Rishikesh on the 14th of June sometime in the afternoon as I am flying into Dehradun in the morning of that day. I am still not sure where I will be staying the days before the course commences but I am open for any recommendations or suggestions from anyone.

    Thank you.

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