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A Welcome Note to our Upcoming September 2014 YTT Students!

Post Monsoon season in India, Rishikesh in September prepares itself for another of hard work. Monsoons are the time when, traditionally, no new works are started and no major decisions are implemented. With the beginning of a new season, India gets into a festive mood in September. There is an air of expectancy and enthusiasm throughout the yogic land of India.

The Ajarya Yoga Academy 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course is all set to begin from Sep 01 at Rishikesh.

We are specially happy to have students from all over the World in this batch.

We look forward to receive you all and help shape you into better practitioners & teachers!

This post is restricted to the arriving trainees for the September 2014 TTC.

Through your comments below, feel free to connect with your fellow batchmates. You can get to know each other better, sync your travel plans or your transit stays at New Delhi OR just talk about anything under the sun!

Just to let you know, we will be organizing the following:

(1) Some pre-TTC recreation on Arrival, through a Group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra August 30, 6 am onwards)

(2) Group transfer between Delhi and Rishikesh (August 31, 6 am onwards), for a safe, economical and hassle-free transfer for you.

(3) Return transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi after the closing ceremony (September 28) to get you back to central New Delhi / Airport for your return

The above are OPTIONAL.
Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.
We look forward to having you all over in September!

Comments (13)

  1. Ida Olby said on 02-07-2014

    Hi everybody!

    My name is Ida and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in september! The Swedish summer has been terrible so far, feels more like late autumn, so going to India for the first time and doing yoga for a month will be great!

    I’m interested in all of the above, transfer back and forth to Rishikesh and the Taj Mahal trip.

    Is anyone planning on travelling more after the course? And when is everyone arriving? I haven’t booked my flight yet but will probably arrive sometime during the 29th, would be great to meet up with someone then. A bit nervous about my first time to India, but I guess that’s just normal? Just add me on facebook if you’re interested.

    Looking forward to september!

    • Noemi Del Pin said on 03-07-2014

      Hi Ida and everyone,
      my name’s Noemi, I’m an Italian yoga student who will join the september course.
      I’m so glad to take part in this course and I think that do it in India – the land where Yoga was born – will be an awesome experience of personal growth.
      This will be the first time in India for me as well, and I feel a bit nervous, just like you. Actually, I’ve been thinking about that for months, but I soon stopped to worry: I’ll just leave without any kind of expectations, in order to simply enjoy the experience.
      I’m going to add you on facebook, Ida and l look forward to meeting everybody else :-)


  2. Gabriela said on 04-07-2014

    Hi!! Im gabi from Chile… i will arrelive 31 ago becauase my trip its very long…like 50 hours!!
    I want to go there now :)
    I cant take any trip, because i dont have more vacations… my travel start 29 ago
    I hope that we have a great experience…. i look the page on facebook and its see so wonderfull
    M english is not very good so please be paciece with me :)
    After the course i will stay 3 daya in india 3 in maldivas 3 in dubai and 3 in sydney
    My fb is gabriela noll
    See you soon!!

  3. Vanessa Vonhoff said on 04-07-2014

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Vanessa and I’m excited to meet you all too! I am also interested in the transfer to Rishikesh and the Taj Mahal trip.
    Ida, I fly in from Australia on the 29th, haven’t booked a hostel yet but maybe we could meet up at one? This is my first trip to India also so any company would be great! I don’t have any set plans after the course but defiantly more travel! My email is vanessa.vonhoff1990@gmail.com if you would like to organise something?
    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    • Ida said on 05-07-2014

      Hi Vanessa!
      are you the only Vanessa Vonhoff I found on facebook? I added you there, would be great to meet up in dehli, I haven’t booked any hostel yet so we could look into that together if you want.

  4. Jenn said on 08-07-2014

    Hello All!

    I would be interested in the trip to the Taj Mahal and the transfer from Delhi and Rishikesh August 31st. Is anyone travelling from Canada? I think I’ll plan to arrive on the 29th or maybe 28th depending on flights. I’d be interested in meeting up with anybody interested in getting there early.

    I would also be interested in doing some travelling after the trip if anyone is looking for a travel buddy, We could look into places that are cheaper to travel to from India, maybe Thailand or something? I’d be open to almost anything as I have the beginning of October off, and am eager to see the world!

    You can add me on Facebook, my name is Jenn Giggs.

    Can’t wait to meet you all!

  5. Isabelle said on 11-07-2014

    Hello everyone.
    Looking forward to meeting you all in September. Although I am from Ireland I live in Zambia and will be travelling from there. Expect to arrive on the night of the 28th so will be free and easy in New Delhi on the 29th. Yet to book a place to stay so if anyone has any suggestions do please share them. I will join the group trip in advance of the course – it will be lovely to get to know people a little bit before the course begins.
    Good luck with the preparation everyone.

  6. Sharnee said on 15-07-2014

    Nice to hear from everyone.
    Im Sharnee from Gold coast Australia. It will be my first time in India aswell and im looking to arrive a few days prior to get into the indian vibe. My facebook is sharnee wendy, it would be awesome if we could arrange to stay in the same hotel, i had a quick look and there are heaps in central Delhi, around $40/night. I’ll add you all on fb and we can start a group message to connect.
    Excited for our adventure : )

  7. Sally said on 15-07-2014

    Hi everyone,
    I am from Australia and currently residing in Italy. I am really lookimg forward to my indian adventure but am enjoying each moment in my current one as well. I will not be joining the group trip to the Taj Mahal because I will be going there prior with my boyfriend. He told me it was his dream to visit the Taj Mahal so I bought him a flight to india for his birthday. We will travel North India for two weeks. Very exciting. i am still not sure if I will take the group transfer to Rishakesh but I am happily anticipating meeting you all. I love travelling and meeting new people and I love yoga!

  8. Jenn said on 16-07-2014

    Hey all,

    I’m looking at booking accommodation in central New Delhi from August 28th-31st as I’m arriving early… Is anyone else arriving early that would be interested in booking rooms in the same hotel? I figured I could do some exploring of New Delhi on the 29th for anyone interested… I’ve been doing some research and I’m thinking “The Pearl” hotel, but am open to input! It offers free airport pick-up, free breakfast and wifi, as well as comfy clean living, and seems to have great reviews online. It’s also pretty cheap and 3.5 stars.

  9. Holly said on 06-08-2014

    Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I am so excited to meet you all and share this adventure in India with you! I arrive on Friday, August 29th. I don’t know the exact arrival time yet but will find out.

    I am confirming that I want to book a reservation for the Taj Majal trip and transportation to Rishikesh please.

    I would love to book at the same hotel as everyone as I am nervous about traveling so far by myself. My email said some people have confirmed at a hotel named Aura? I also see Jenn was looking at The Pearl so I would be happy to book with you Jenn for the 29th if that works out for you. I am flying from Canada as well, with a stop over in Amsterdam. Have you confirmed your flight?

    About 6 years ago I did my first big trip to Australia so I am thrilled to meet people from the Gold Coast! In October I am heading to work at a yoga spa in Costa Rica so this trip is really a life changer for me. Gabriela I can’t wait to talk to you about life in south america.

    I have added as many of you as I can on facebook. My facebook name is Hollystic Healing (small business I was trying to start up). Anyone that I haven’t been able to add please add me or email me: holly_lynn4@hotmail.com


    Holly :)

  10. Holly said on 06-08-2014

    I would also like to confirm the return transportation on September 28th to the New Delhi airport. Thank you.

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