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Rishikesh has favorable climatic conditions for most of the months in year. The city can be visited throughout the year. Winter starts during the month of November and it continues till mid-February.

The maximum temperature during winter remains around 20 degree Celsius and minimum remains around 5 degree Celsius. It is the best time to enjoy the winter; days are pleasant and sunny with moderately cold evenings.

You will find the best environment for the seed of yoga in your heart to germinate and flourish.

The Ajarya Yoga Academy 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course is set to begin from November 10 at Rishikesh.

We are especially happy to have students from all over the World in this batch.

We look forward to receive you all and help shape you into better practitioners & teachers!

This post is restricted to the arriving trainees for the November 2014 TTC.

Through your comments below, feel free to connect with your fellow batch mates. You can get to know each other better, sync your travel plans or your transit stays at New Delhi OR just talk about anything under the sun!
Just to let you know, we will be organizing the following:

(1) Some pre – TTC recreation on Arrival, through a Group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra November 08, 6 am onwards)
(2) Group transfer between Delhi and Rishikesh (November 09, 6 am onwards), for a safe, economical and hassle-free transfer for you.
(3) Return transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi after the closing ceremony (December 07) to get you back to central New Delhi / Airport for your return

The above are OPTIONAL.
Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.
We look forward to having you all over in November!

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  1. Shoshana Roseljnsky said on 07-10-2014

    Hello everyone! My name is shoshana and I am from California. I am currently traveling in South East Asia. I am looking forward to this teacher training as my next step. Yoga has been a big part of my life for a long time and I am excited to delve deeper into my practice and focus on learning and teaching. I will be in Delhi a few days before the course and would love to connect with/ coordinate accommodation with other students. Feel free to email me at sroselinsky@gmail.com or Facebook me to connect. Looking forward to meeting everyone in November!

  2. Andrea Murray said on 21-10-2014

    Hey all! I’m a Canadian English teacher currently living in Spain and am super excited about this course. My friend is doing it now and has nothing but amazing things to say about it, so I think we’re all in for some magic ^_^

    How are people getting up to Rishikesh?? I am arriving in Delhi early morning on the 5th and am wondering about train vs bus etc…

    But I am definitely interested in the group transfers to and from Rishikesh on November 9th and on December 7th. Anyone else??

    Ok, well I’d love to connect with others too, so definitely get in touch if you’d like ^_^ Facebook or email (akm.en.paris@gmail.com)

    See you sooooooooooon! ^_^

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