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Welcoming September 2013 Students!

The rains are coming to an end and the tragic floods in parts of North India are behind us.

Although Rishikesh is part of the affected state, however, being far down at the foothills, this yoga town is spared from such calamities.

We now look forward to welcoming all of you in September…

As in previous posts, Students are encouraged to introduce themselves through the comments below and initiate a bonding well before the course.

The Course begins on September 02. You must plan to reach Rishikesh by September 01 afternoon, to be in time for the Opening Ceremony.

For the benefits of the students, and for making the transfers more economical, we will be organizing the following:

(1) A group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra  (August 31st morning onwards) as a group. Beginning from New Delhi, it would save costs besides being a delightful experience with your batchmates.

(2) Group transfer (more economical) the following day (September 01st morning) from New Delhi onto Rishikesh. This will save the hassle of reaching the center on your own and you will have the company of your colleagues too!

To summarize,

Suggested Dates:

August 30th – Arrive into New Delhi

August 31st – Day trip to Agra Taj Mahal (optional)

September 01st – Group transfer from New Delhi to Rishikesh

Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.

We look forward to having you all over in September!

A group visit to the Taj Mahal

Comments (10)

  1. Karla said on 17-07-2013

    Hey everyone!
    I will be arriving in New Delhi after midnight on the 30th (coming from Frankfurt). I don’t know where I am staying that night yet, would be cool to maybe stay at the same place as someone else… so let me know where you people are staying!
    I am up for the trip to the Taj Mahal on the 31st and the drive to Rishikesh on the 1st! Looking forward to meet everyone!

  2. Robin Ibbeson said on 18-07-2013

    Hi everybody! I will be getting into Delhi on 28 Aug. Definitely up for the group transfer to Rishikesh and possibly the Taj trip. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  3. Sonasha Braxton said on 29-07-2013

    HEY everyone!,
    I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone soon! I get in on the 28th I think. I am definitely about the Taj Mahal and group transfer, I normally like the adventure of traveling alone and getting to new places in the most super-economical way possible… but I think just a relaxing drive will be fine. :) you’re welcome to look for me on facebook if you wanna just chat “Sonasha Auset” In peace and light.


  4. Rosario said on 06-08-2013

    Hi future classmates,
    I am really looking forward for the 1 st of august! I am from Chile and already been travelling for a while in south east asia and now in India. Reason why I will be arriving to Rishikesh directly. Hope to meet you all there and have a great month.

    See u soon!

  5. Robin Ibbeson said on 07-08-2013

    I am getting in on the 27th and staying at the Hotel Kabli.

  6. Maaike said on 15-08-2013

    Hey everyone!

    I’m looking forward to meet you all. I’m already in India on a trip in Rajasthan, it’s very beautiful here. I will arrive on the 25th back in Delhi. Maybe I can meet some of you already and come to the same hotel? Just let me know :-)


  7. Karla said on 23-08-2013

    I am staying at Bloomrooms – New Delhi Railway Station, 8591 Arakashan Road from the 30th – 1st.
    Looking forward to next week!

  8. Sarah said on 24-08-2013

    Hi Everyone!

    I will be arriving in New Dehli on the 30th at 12:30am (from Frankfurt) Karla I wonder if we are on the same flight? I will be staying at the Grand hotel Godwin. I will be going on the Taj Mahal trip and transfer to Rishikesh. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week!


    • Karla said on 24-08-2013

      Hey! Sarah I guess we’re on the same flight! Do you have a hotel transfer set up? What’s your email address? Or else email me at karlawilkinson@hotmail.com or find me on facebook, Karla Wilkinson – maybe we can coordinate! :)

  9. Robin Ibbeson said on 27-08-2013

    Think one of you came to my hotel yesterday but I hadn’t arrived yet. I’m here now…message me on here or email me robinibbeson@yahoo.co.uk :)

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