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Welcoming November 2013 YTT Students!

Your trip draws near and we are sure there may be a nervous excitement in all of you as to what to expect.

Well, it is best to arrive without expectations, in true Yoga Style : )

On a more serious note, you (especially single women travelers) may be a tad apprehensive on how to handle a strange country on arrival.

This blog post serves to mitigate much of those fears.

On the one hand, you are encouraged to connect with your fellow batchmates by adding your comments below – who knows you may even find someone from near your place!

Also, we will be organizing group trips and transfers to make it hassle-free and economical for our students. So, feel free to express your interest in joining through your comments.

The Course begins on November 14. You must plan to reach Rishikesh by November 13 afternoon, to be in time for the Opening Ceremony.

We will be organizing the following (completely optional) for your benefit -

(1) A group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra (November 12, 6 am onwards) as a group. Beginning from New Delhi, it would save costs besides being a delightful experience with your fellow mates.

(2) Group transfer (more economical) the following day (November 13, 6 am onwards) from Central New Delhi to Rishikesh Center. This will save the hassle of reaching the center on your own and you will have the company of your colleagues too!

(3) Return transfer (again, more economical) on December 11, afternoon after the closing ceremony to get you back to New Delhi by late evening.

To summarize,

Suggested Dates:

November 11 – Arrive into New Delhi

November 12 – Day trip to Agra Taj Mahal (optional)

November 13 – Group transfer from New Delhi to Rishikesh

December 11 – Return group transfer from Rishikesh to New Delhi

Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.

We look forward to having you all over in November!

Comments (9)

  1. Vanessa said on 25-09-2013

    So looking forward to meeting new friends in this November batch.
    I plan on doing the trip to the Taj is any body else?
    Also the transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh .
    Yet to book a hotel in Central Delhi, any suggestions?

    I am one excited yogini

  2. ASHLIE SOKO said on 26-09-2013

    Hello all! Getting super excited now!!

    I’m also interested in seeing the Taj and doing the transfer from Delhi to Rishikesh.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!


  3. Karam said on 26-09-2013

    I too am excited. Sadly I won’t arrive into New Delhi until 7:30AM on November 12, so I guess I can’t make the Taj Mahal trip:( I can’t wait to meet everyone! Here is my facebook, if anyone would like to request me and talk about our upcoming experience https://www.facebook.com/karamxanthony

  4. Sally said on 26-09-2013

    I plan on doing the Taj. And the transfers to and from Rishikesh. Very excited :)

  5. Emily said on 04-10-2013

    Hi there everyone!
    Getting super excited for this amazing course and I can’t wait to get to know all of you.
    Feel free to add me on facebook and introduce yourself :)

  6. Abbey said on 06-10-2013

    I am getting really excited for the course in November! I am interested in doing the group transfer to Rishikesh, and the Taj trip. I will be traveling to Delhi on November 7th due to cheaper flights, I have friends in Delhi who I may be staying with for those couple of days. I might end up booking a hotel in Delhi, if anyone is traveling any earlier let me know!

    Feel free to add me on facebook to connect before the trip!


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