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Welcoming April 2013 Students!

The Ajarya Yoga Academy 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course is all set to begin from April 18 at Rishikesh.

We are specially happy to have students from all over the World – Australia, Canada, France, Malaysia, Malta, Turkey, UK, USA,  - in this batch.

We look forward to receive you all and help shape you into better practitioners & teachers!

Coming to a foreign country brings its own set of apprehensions.

Please feel free to begin bonding with each other through your comments on this blog. Many of you can even tie up travel arrangements together as it would make you feel more comfortable and may even save on costs (common pickups) etc.

So, please introduce yourselves through the comments below.

One more thing… April 17th afternoon is the Opening Ceremony so you must plan to be in Rishikesh on April 17th by noon at the latest.

… And, If some of you are in New Delhi by April 15th, we can also organize a group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra  (April 16th morning onwards) as a group; it would save costs besides being a delightful experience with your batchmates.

Please bookmark this page for updates to the April Batch.

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  1. Dana Fulenwider said on 25-02-2013


    I am excited to meet you all in April! I am coming to India early and going to the Phool Chatti Ashram for a week before the yoga program starts.

    Looking forward to our time together!!

    All the best,

  2. Stephanie said on 26-02-2013

    Hi I am Steph from the UK! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Is anyone arriving early?

    • Meredith Bless said on 19-03-2013

      Hey Steph, for some reason it’s not posting my message. If it is easier to plan something you can easily find me on FB, I’m the only Meredith Bless out there. I arrive in Delhi April 10th in the afternoon, but I can try and meet you if you have left the city by then. Let me know what you think!

      • Stephanie said on 21-03-2013

        Hi Meredith! Yeah that would be great! I’ve tried to add you on facebook so hopefully I have the right person!! probably won’t be in Delhi on the 10th but not 100% sure so i’ll let you know! Steph

  3. Agustina said on 26-02-2013

    Hi everyone!! I’m from Argentina currently living in Malta. I was planning to arrive earlier to see around a little bit.. I’m up to the group visit if anyone goes!

    • Steph said on 26-02-2013

      I am also arriving about two weeks early to see some sights hopefully! Where are you planning to go? I am definitely up for seeing the Taj Mahal!

      • Agustina said on 07-03-2013

        Hi Steph, I m sorry for the delay!! I don´t have my plane ticket yet, but I will get it by the end of the week, I been thinking of getting to Delhi one week earlier to see Taj Mahal and going to see Jaiput too

        • Meredith said on 17-03-2013

          Hey Agustina and Steph, I’ll be arriving about a week early too and am interested to see those places. I’m getting my flight early this week to Delhi. Agustina when do you arrive?

          • Steph said on 18-03-2013

            Hi Agustina and Merideth! I am arriving on the 3rd April. I am interested in seeing these places and also want to visit some of the areas closer to Rishikesh. If you fancy seeing some sights together that would be great! Steph x

      • Meredith said on 19-03-2013

        Hi Steph, I just booked my flight but it isn’t until April 10th and I arrive in the early afternoon from Thailand. Let me know where you will be around that date and I can try and meet up with you then and we can visit some places and make our way to RIshikesh. Email me at meredith2860 (at) gmail.com and it will be easier to organize something.

  4. Chong Han said on 26-02-2013

    Hi everyone,

    This is Chong Han from Malaysia. Excited to be meeting everyone too! And thanks for setting up this blog to link us up before the course!

    I should be in Delhi on the 15th so I’m in for the visits!

  5. Terie Shields said on 27-02-2013

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Terie Shields and my daughter and I, Katie Fletcher will be attending from the United States. We are also very excited to meet you all and thankful as well for the blog and the trip to the Taj Mahall. We will buy our plane tickets soon. Should we plan to be in Delhi on the 15th? Do I need to make hotel accommodations for the night of the 15th and 16th? We would love to connect and share travel expenses where possible.
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. Sarah Hunt said on 28-02-2013

    Hi everyone, I’m Sarah also from the UK and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

    I’m planning on landing in Dehli on the 15th so am really keen to visit the Taj Mahal with everyone and then share a transfer up to Rishikesh.

    Look forward to meeting you all


  7. Nick Vinciullo said on 01-03-2013

    Nick from Australia here, hello everyone! Can’t wait to get started and meet you all. I’ll be floating around India for about a month before the course, but can’t make the tour unfortunately. If anyone learns of a good wwoofing farm or the like, I’d love to hear about it.

    • Meredith said on 03-03-2013

      Try looking up Perma Culture farms too. My cousin does that in southern India, but I’m sure there are some amazing farms in the north as well.

  8. Meredith said on 03-03-2013

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Meredith from the US. I don’t know when I’ll arrive yet, but I’d like to be there a week early to travel around a bit and would really love to travel with someone. Let me know if you are interested in having a travel buddy those of you who will be in Delhi around April 8-10. I’m open to any ideas!

  9. Judy said on 08-03-2013

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Judy and I am from Canada……but I’m in Nepal right now just hanging out :) and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. I started in India and have done my sightseeing so I will see you all in Rishikesh!!! Enjoy your travels….it’s quite magical!

  10. Sarah Hunt said on 14-03-2013

    Hi guys, know most of you are arriving early to travel around, but if anyone else is keen to get a transfer from Delhi let me know. I’m arriving in Delhi on Monday 15th in the evening if that works for anyone else.

    Look forward to meeting you all

    • Chong Han said on 18-03-2013

      Hi Sarah, from the comments above it seems that you, me, Terie and her daughter Katie are arriving on the 15th. I have booked my flight and will be arriving on the 15th in the afternoon.
      Shall we arrange a transfer up to Rishikesh together (either with the school or otherwise)? Also, the school mentioned a possible group outing to Taj Mahal on the 16th if there are enough headcount. If you people are interested let’s check with the school what’s their required headcount?
      On a side note, I assume we will need accommodation in Delhi on the 15th/16th. Have you all researched/booked anything?

      • Sarah Hunt said on 20-03-2013

        Hi Chong,

        I arrive at 9pm on the 15th and so will need accommodation that evening. The yoga school have recommended that the transfer should be the next day for safety reasons and said one nights accommodation and a full transfer on the 16th up to Rishikesh will be $160 (not sure where the accommodation is but have asked for details) and it might be cheaper if there are more of us.

        They have also said that it is still possible to go to Agra on the 16th and head up to Rishikesh on the 17th instead if people are interested.

        Would you and anyone else be interested in going to Agra on the 16th?

        Speak soon S

        • Chong Han said on 20-03-2013

          Hi Sarah,
          I’ve emailed the school on recommended accommodation in Delhi and they basically said most options around central Delhi will be fine.
          I am flexible on the plan on 16th, if we have enough people we can head to Agra. But from the looks of it, most people would be there earlier. And I am extending my stay in Delhi after the course so I can leave the touring till then.
          Most definitely I will want to travel up to Rishikesh together (either 16th or 17th). Other than cost savings, it will be safer and I can definitely use some company for the long ride there. Seems like I’m the only Asian in this course. And I’m Chinese by race by the way. The nationality might be confusing. So don’t be surprised to see a yellow skinned dude.

          • Sarah Hunt said on 21-03-2013

            Hi Chong,

            I met someone yesterday who recommended this hotel. http://www.cottageyesplease.com/contact.htm.

            I’ve emailed them for info on availability and cost. She also said the Shatabi express train is a good way to get to Rishikesh & probably cheaper and easier than taxi. The hotel can book this for a small fee. I think you are right, it is easier to go straight to Rishikesh on the 16th and not try and squeeze Agra in too.

            I’ll see what they come back with re costs.

          • Stephanie said on 22-03-2013

            Hi Sarah and Chong! Wow looks like I missed these messages. Taj Mahal trip looks like it is going to be on the 16th now, are you guys interested in going? if so i’d be up for meeting up on the 15th and if you know of any good places to stay let me know! Steph

  11. Meredith said on 19-03-2013

    Hey All, I’ve been trying to post responses but for some reason they aren’t showing up. I arrive April 10th and I know Steph you were interested in meeting up. Lets figure out a way to be in contact to make plans. FB or email works for me. meredith2860 (at) gmail.com

  12. Meredith said on 21-03-2013

    Hey all. I emailed about the Taj Mahal group tour and here is what they emailed me:

    As per interest expressed within the group, we will be organizing a trip to the Taj Mahal on the 16th of April.

    Trip Includes:
    - Transportation cost in air conditioned vehicle
    - This trip will cover (1) Taj Mahal and time permitting (2) Agra Fort and (3) Sikandra too.
    - Guide Cost for the monument

    - Monument fee
    - Camera fee, video fee
    - Articles of personal nature
    - Anything not specifically mentioned in exclusions

    Pick up point: (16th morning) Your hotel (in Central Delhi area only). For hotels outside central Delhi, you will have to make arrangements to reach a pre-decided point in Central Delhi.
    (Advisory: Book a hotel in central Delhi Area; several options are available)

    Drop back point: (16th evening) Same as pick up point.

    Cost: $50 per head.

    Terms & Conditions: No refunds in view of last minute dropout OR any cancellation due to natural calamities, unnatural occurrences or events beyond our control

    PLEASE CONFIRM if you would be participating.

    • Ajarya Yoga Academy said on 22-03-2013

      Katie & Terry have confirmed their participation.
      Please let us know who all would like to confirm.

      Either way, your hotel pick up should be in Central Delhi area.

      ADVISORY: One of the students suggested a hotel which happens to be in Paharganj area. While this is an extremely low price area, we sincerely feel that there could be a safety issue for single women. So it is better to avoid Pahar Ganj hotels. Better to stay in the “Karol Bagh” area where several budget options are available.

  13. Sarah Hunt said on 22-03-2013

    Hi all, as there is a group going, I’m up for the trip to Taj Mahal on the 16th.

    Steph, i land in the evening of the 15th about 10pm so might be best to meet you all on the trip the next morning? I’ve just found this hotel in the Karol Bagh area so I might book in there as it has had good reviews and looks nice.


    Let me know where you book as it would be good to try and book nearby,


    • Chong Han said on 26-03-2013

      Thanks Sarah for the research. I’ve booked accommodation from the 15th – 17th (2 nights) at the Hotel Grand Park Inn.
      Looking forward to the trip!

      • Stephanie Hodges said on 26-03-2013

        Hey! Yes I am going to join you on the trip too! I agree sarah probs best to meet in the morning. Thanks for the advice ajarya I still havent booked anywhere in Delhi but will look in to that area. Steph

  14. zenfinite said on 28-05-2013

    Hello alumni!
    I am from Las Vegas in the United States. I am traveling to Rishikesh for Ajarya Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training in September and I could not be more excited for the journey that awaits! I have found looking over your pre-course conversations to be quite helpful in understanding what to expect for travel arrangements. I was wondering if anyone could give me some personal insight into how the program treated you.. were the accommodations and classroom material what you were expecting? do you feel Ajarya is a good foundation for yoga teaching certificaitons? what was the most rewarding part of your experience? I am traveling alone- did the area feel safe?
    I looked for post-course blogs but found nothing. I am grateful for any insight.
    thank you and namaste!

    • Ajarya Yoga Academy said on 27-07-2013

      Hi Amanda, could you also please post on the September Blog page to help coordinate with others on the travel plans. Thanks,

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