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While understanding the working of Yoga upon body fitness, the following question was raised by a TTC student, during the daily interchange of ideas:

Stiffness due to Parkinsons

Diana: How is it that stiffness develops during Parkinsons?
The Yoga Anatomy teacher responded that the over usage of neurons degenerates the basal ganglia which in turn causes a disturbance to the Dopamine levels. So, the imbalance of the two control systems – the nervous & the endocrine systems – disturbs the coordination of muscles.

This leads to issues such as a stiff body, short step walk etc.. It also leads to tremors at the extremities of the body (hands/ fingers)

Correlation of Yoga practices to help in Parkinsons is an important subject for yoga therapists. If you feel you have a perspective that you would like to share regarding the above question or something that may help the questioner further, please share by commenting through the box below.

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