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During the practice session on Mudras of the Ajarya Yoga TTC program, the following question was brought up in relation to Mudras.

What are the main types of Mudras? What is their significance? What are the limitations while doing Mudras?

The Yoga teacher in session, Acharya Narender, explained that there are two major categorizations of mudras. These are:

  • Hand Mudras (Hasta Mudra)
  • Body Mudra

Mudras are the next progression after Asana and Pranayama. Each Mudra is set up differently, some of which the students will experience during the course of the Teacher Training Program. What is important to note is that Mudras are powerful tools that work at the physical and emotional level besides manipulating the energy.

According to Tantra, mudras are important tools to open spiritual locks as well as mental blockages.

Their limitations depend upon individuality, hence must be taught only by a teacher.

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