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This is an extremely interesting addition to our blog. Through this Question & Answer category, we will be posting questions on Yoga, Spirituality etc. raised by our growing community of students and contributors.

- Students of the Ajarya Training programs, and their deeper queries related to yoga and Yoga techniques

- Contributors who may like to post questions that trouble them or for which they seek experiential answers

These questions are open to all, and we welcome responses through replies / viewpoints / personal experiences related to those questions.

Please note only those questions are posted that relate to a genuine need for knowledge and experience in the realm of Yoga.

To reply to a question, simply comment in the boxes below by signing in through your Social media account or Word Press login. If you do not have any of these accounts, simply register through the link provided on the upper end of the right column.

To Post a question, again, simply register as a first step and then post your question

That´s it! Simply start contributing… Your responses are invaluable and could help strike a chord with the questioner. Or, Post your questions & get your deepest queries answered.

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