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The following question was raised by a student of the Ajarya Yoga TTC program, during a discussion on the larger meaning of Yoga:

Georgina: How can one live without being overwhelmed by the senses and their emotional functions – such as, anxiety during examinations or while caring for someone?

YTTC Student Question

The teacher responded that it is the branch of Karma Yoga that answers such questions. Karma Yoga, which teaches the skill and art of seeing work as a duty without getting ´attached´ to the work emotionally is the way forward.

It is because of this that the TTC program included components of Karma Yoga for the student to witness and understand this new ´way´ of daily action.

If you feel you have a perspective that you would like to share regarding the above question or something that may help the questioner further, please share by commenting through the box below.

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