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Welcoming October 2013 Students!

The September batch students of the Yoga Teacher Training Course have settled in well and the course is in full flow. We look forward to sculpting another lot of keen students into confident practitioners and teachers!

We now look forward to welcoming all of you in October

As your trip draws near, you are encouraged to introduce yourselves through the comments below and initiate a bonding well before the course.

The Course begins on October 07. You must plan to reach Rishikesh by October 06 afternoon, to be in time for the Opening Ceremony.

For the benefits of the students, and for making the transfers more economical, we will be organizing the following:

(1) A group visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra (October 05 morning onwards) as a group. Beginning from New Delhi, it would save costs besides being a delightful experience with your batchmates.

(2) Group transfer (more economical) the following day (October 06 morning) from New Delhi onto Rishikesh. This will save the hassle of reaching the center on your own and you will have the company of your colleagues too!

To summarize,

Suggested Dates:

October 04 – Arrive into New Delhi

October 05 – Day trip to Agra Taj Mahal (optional)

October 06 – Group transfer from New Delhi to Rishikesh

Simply, let us know your interest in these through the comments below.

We look forward to having you all over in October!

Comments (33)

  1. Kerry Donars said on 03-09-2013

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m excited for our October course. I’m a 55 year old male who was born and raised in Chicago. I’ve spent most of my adult life in Northern Minnesota. I currently live in Kristianstad Sweden with my husband who has been employed here by the local university for the next two years. I’ve been practicing ashtanga/vinyasa yoga for the past 8 years, three or four days a week. I did a little teaching this summer, as I have my eye on teaching yoga here in Sweden. I look forward to the immersion into a total yoga existence while on our course.
    I arrive in Delhi at 5:30am on October 5. I haven’t made any other plans. I thought that I might just walk around Delhi that day and then get in on the group transport to Rishikesh. I leave Delhi on November 6 at 10:40am. That leaves me with all day, Tuesday Nov. 5 without a plan.
    I look forward to hearing from you all. I’m so interested in knowing more about my classmates.

  2. Bob Mayer said on 04-09-2013

    i am interested in the trip to the Taj Mahal and transfer from delhi to rishikesh

  3. Michael said on 09-09-2013

    Hi All,

    Not long to go now! So excited about next month. I’m a 30 year old living on the eastern beaches of Sydney. Love the beach, surfing and the odd bit of yoga haha

    Im looking at opening a yoga studio here and thought it would be a great idea to see what else yoga has to offer other than the physical workout. Would love to have a go at teaching as well, so thought this course was perfect especially considering it’s vinyasa style.

    I’m definitely keen to do the Taj and the transfer to Rishikesh too.

    I’ll be arriving into Delhi on the 4th of Oct in the morning, no plans for accommodation yet other than central Delhi.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


  4. Sara-Grace R. said on 11-09-2013

    Hey guys! I’m Sara-Grace, 28, from Massachusetts, I’m a medical student in my last year, taking a little time off right now, I’ve been practicing yoga for about 7 years now, Ashtanga for 3 or so, I’ve become more committed in the last year, really love the practice :) I want to do integrative pain medicine eventually and see yoga as a big part of that. I’m really excited about this trip, also pretty nervous, particularly as a solo woman traveller, it will be my first trip to India, glad to see men as part of the group, hope you guys are burly ;) I’m arriving about 11pm on the 4th, planning to do the Taj trip on the 5th and the group transfer as well. Also no accommodations yet in Dehli, Mick, and whoever else will be in Dehli, we should coordinate! Definitly would feel more comfortable not being completely alone those first few nights. This will be a life changing experience I’m sure for all of us :) Hoping to not get sick, we’ll see! Looking forward to meeting you all!! Sara-Grace

  5. Lauren said on 11-09-2013

    Hi Everyone!
    My husband Josh and I are very excited about the training in a few weeks. We are in our early thirties and currently living in NYC. We arrive in Delhi on October 3rd and will also be doing the group trip to the Taj and transfer to Rishikesh. Looking forward to meeting you all!


  6. Gina Baecher said on 11-09-2013

    Hello together
    I will arrive on the 6. October in the morning. I would be interested in the groupe transfer. And I am wondering if anybody else will arrive at this morning?

    looking forward


  7. Gina B├Ącher said on 12-09-2013

    Hi togheter

    I am interested for the groupe transfer.I will arrive on the 6. Oct on the morning about 07.00..Is someone else arriving on this morning?

    looking forward



  8. Sara-Grace R. said on 16-09-2013

    Hey Lauren, (and anyone else staying in Dehli!) have you guys decided on a hotel yet? Again, I think ( at least for me!) it would be fabulous to coordinate! Somewhere not too expensive would be nice :) Thanks! Sg

    • Kerry Donars said on 16-09-2013

      Hi Sara

      I’m staying at The Pearl. Ajarya has confirmed that they will pick me up there. I used booking.com to find them. Its about $40 US. I’m just there on the night of the 5th. I’m going to explore Delhi on that day. I’m not going to the Taj.


    • Lauren said on 20-09-2013

      Hi Sara-Grace,

      Sorry I just now saw your message. We are staying at Bloomrooms (Railway St location) for our first few nights. http://www.bloomroomshotel.com/
      I think it was about $32/night and they also offer airport transfers for a small price.
      Hope this helps!!

  9. Bob mayer said on 17-09-2013

    Bob Mayer here
    Hello all 16 more sleeps :)
    I am a ski instructor at whistler Blackcomb in the winter and golf pro in the summer both in Canada. Sara-grace being a vegetarian yogi not too burly I can run fast :)
    In any event like many i am a little apprehensive entering India for the first time.
    I arrive oct 4 at 1:30 am arriving that late i did some research. I will be staying at the uppal
    In central Delhi booked on Expedia
    Also around $40:00 cdn per night.
    What I like about this place is they will send a car to pick me up for about 700-750 rupees approx $15:00 us the prepaid taxi is about 250 rupees you book that after you
    Land though and can be some issues from what I have read.
    My understanding is the shuttle or driver service will meet at the gate with my driver will be holding my name on a sign for recognition and bring me to the hotel.
    The number to call them is 011-91 11 4151 1515 again the hotel uppal international ajarya has confirmed to pick me up on the 5 th for the taj trip
    Sara Grace if you are nervous and stay at that hotel I would be more than happy to come out with the driver if that is possible and pick you up my email is skiingdoc@me.com

  10. Sara-Grace R. said on 17-09-2013

    Hey Kerry and Bob! Thanks so much for the replies and the info! I will look into both hotels tomorrow and see which makes more sense. Having someone meet you at the airport seems smart. Bob, I will get in before you at 11:30pm but I’m sure they’d be willing to come get me, too. It seems like most of the flights in and out of Dehli are late night, not sure why that is, my return flight leaves at 3:30am! I’m sure I can figure something out when the time comes for that. Just a little joke about being burly ;) I like to run, too! It is really only those first nights in Dehli and the late transfer that make me nervous, I’ve traveled a good amount on my own but I’ve read some things about being female in Dehli at night that make it sound not so fun. I will post again when I’ve been able to look at those hotels. Thanks again, really looking forward meeting everyone! Sg

    • Kerry said on 17-09-2013

      Hey Everyone
      From what I have researched, there is fantastic public transport from the airport to central delhi.
      I admit that I haven’t stood in a woman’s shoes vis a vis entering a new culture unescorted.
      I would offer to be an escort, but I think I’m one of the later arrivals. My plane gets in at 5:30am on October 5th. I wasn’t planning on joining the Taj trip, so if there any of you who want to explore central delhi on the 5th and/or get together that night before our Rishikesh transport, I’m up for that.

  11. Vanessa Diamond said on 18-09-2013

    Hey all! I’m super excited to meet you all. I’m 34 from NYC. I just graduated from a physical therapy program and am interested in integrating yoga as a therapeutic approach. I also wanted to travel before getting a full time job, so this was my excuse. Started my travels already and am in France right now. I’m flying from Paris on the 5th. I’m traveling to India for the first time and am a little nervous as I arrive at 3am on the 5th – I know it’s crazy but I kinda still want to go to see the Taj with you all. Hoping I can sleep on the plane. Like Sarah, I would love to stay at a hotel where someone else is also staying. Sarah, let me know what you decide and any other advise is greatly appreciated. Ajarya mentioned Hotel Grand Park Inn which came to around $30/night. Okay, see you all very soon.

  12. Bob mayer said on 18-09-2013

    Quick question
    Just wondering what if any medical precautions attendees have taken.
    Ex hepatitis malaria ??
    Any input would be helpful

  13. Sara-Grace R. said on 18-09-2013

    Vaccines: About two thirds down the page is country specific info:
    This is what a clinician would look at for recommendations.

    I would definitely get at least first dose of hep A series if youre not immune, typhoid and probably rabies, too. Also, all the routine stuff def including tetanus booster or recent tdap Japanese encephalitis is a disease carried by mosquitos, I am going to try to find out whether or not this is worth a shot,I am not sure of the risk of this one around rishikesh, my guess is that is low but I will try to find an incidence map. According to strict guidelines on the CDC website Rishikesh travelers should take malaria prophylaxis. That being said I don’t think it is the most risky area, malaria drugs do have side effects as well. I think it is a personal choice, perhaps better safe than sorry. You should make an appt with a travel clinic ASAP though and get their recommendations. Hope that helps!

    Vanessa,come to the Taj, it will be worth it! Kerry, too! but i guess 5:30 is cutting it too close.I think a bunch of us will be totally exhausted but we can have nap time.
    I still haven’t looked into hotels but plan to do that today as soon as possible! I met up with a friend yesterday who had been in Delhi last year and said that she and another female friend had been overtly groped multiple times on rhe street and on public transportation in Delhi. yikes. Similar to stuff I had read online. She said their experience in Delhi was by far the worst they encountered anywhere in India. I do think unfortunately being a young female without a male companion in Delhi is rough. I don’t want to scare anyone or be an alarmist but I do think safety/ trying to be accompanied when possible is definitly worth it. Thank you Kerry for your offer to someone :) I think rishikesh is a totally different story though so not to worried about it there thankfully.

  14. Eugene Sparks said on 19-09-2013

    Greetings fellow yogis,
    I just reserved my place in the October class this morning. Excitement is high! I am 22 years old, just graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with an environmental science bachelors degree, and am living in Lake Placid, NY. I teach Bikram yoga classes at a local studio and am looking to dive deeper into a more expansive practice. I will likely buy my plane ticket tonight. I did get a round vaccinations: Hepatitis A (shot), Polio (shot), Typhoid Fever (oral) and malaria (oral). All are easily taken except for malaria medication which must be taken for the duration of the trip and for a month after returning to the States. Our school does not recommend any vaccinations, however they are cheap (less than $300) and better than getting sick. I look forward to meeting everyone and would certainly be interested in traveling together from the airport to the academy if possible.

  15. Bob mayer said on 19-09-2013

    SG Thanks for the medical information greatly appreciate
    It .
    I will book a meeting with the travel clinic tomorrow.
    14 more sleeps until departure :)

  16. Sara-Grace R. said on 19-09-2013

    So, after looking at The Pearl, Uppal, and Grand Park Inn I decided to go with The Uppal International. With taxes it was $38 a night. Bob, you and I can do the Taj pick up together in the morning. Haven’t decided about transport from the airport yet. Also, I didn’t notice the polio booster earlier on the CDC list – interesting, I probably need that. Sorry for my 800 Delhi misspellings in previous posts, thought it was Dehli but it’s not! SG


  17. Eugene Sparks said on 19-09-2013

    Does anyone know the specifics regarding the group transport from Delhi? I would like to know where to be and when to be there.

    • Kerry Donars said on 19-09-2013

      Hey Eugene

      Email the school when you have a location in central delhi where you will be at around 6am on the 6th. i.e. your hotel or the airport. See the posts above to get an idea of where people are staying on the evening of the 5th.


  18. Bob mayer said on 20-09-2013

    Hi all
    After SG’s advice I went to a travel clinic and similar to Eugene I was adviced to do a hepatitis a,b typhoid tetanus and purchased the malaria oral pills to be taken while there.
    Even though where we are staying is not as bad as the south.
    As far as polio the Dr said India is low risk and rabbies can be treated after you are bitten if bitten and be aware of Dogs..
    Thanks for the help
    13 more sleeps until departure :)
    Kind regards

  19. Bob mayer said on 21-09-2013

    SG Checking hospitals and then is a good one in rishikesh they do organ transplants so I imagine they have rabblie medicine anyways better protected today than two days ago
    12 more sleeps until departure

  20. Sara-Grace R. said on 21-09-2013

    Ok maybe they do then! I’m sure we will all be fine!

  21. Amanda B. said on 23-09-2013

    Hi everyone, looking forward to meeting you all in two weeks! I’m from the US but have been living in Taiwan for the past two years, practicing yoga and all kinds of other fitness training. It’s my second time to India but my first time in Rishikesh, and I can’t wait to be back!

  22. Hamdah said on 26-09-2013

    Hi All
    I am looking forward to learning and meeting you all. A bit apprehensive as never travelled to this part of the world. We live in England. We leave this Sat for Delhi and then leave for Nepal on 30/9 to 5/10. Will be on the coach to Rishikesh organised by the Ajarya team.
    Travel safe, see you all soon.
    Hamdah and Sarah

  23. Michael said on 26-09-2013

    Hi All,
    Been a while since I checked this, didn’t realise there was so much going on here!

    Lauren and Steve, i’m staying at bloomrooms too, looks like a pretty good spot to stay for a pretty reasonable price. I arrive on the 4th around 10 30, we should catch up in the afternoon if you guys don’t have any plans :)

    Looking forward to meeting everyone else for the Taj and transfers :)

    So close now!


  24. Vanessa Diamond said on 26-09-2013

    Hi all, So I booked my hotel at Uppal International along with Sarah and Bob. Do you know what time the pick up is? I think they said 6-6:30am. I arrive at 3am on the 5th and I’m hoping they will allow early check-in (they said if the room was available that they would). Otherwise, I’ll be in the lobby waiting for pick up to Taj. See you all very very soon!

  25. Sara-Grace R. said on 27-09-2013

    Lauren, I just saw your reply, thanks for that, did book elsewhere but no worries!

    Vanessa, you can definitely leave your stuff and/or use my room to freshen up in the morning if you’re not able to get into your room that early, that’s totally fine. If you want to do that just let me know! I can try to let the desk know if you want to. You can email me, too, saragrace.reynolds@gmail.com to coordinate.

    This is going to be fun! Like summer camp maybe?! Very excited to meet all of you!

    • Vanessa Diamond said on 04-10-2013

      Thanks so much Sara! Hoping the room will be available, but I will ask what room you’re in if for whatever reason it isn’t available. Can’t wait to meet you!!! My email vanmante@gmail.com

  26. Kerry Donars said on 05-10-2013

    Hey Everyone

    I would not have made it to the Taj trip on time as my flight was late. But now I am in my hotel, The Pearl, and it is really close to where Michael, Lauren, Steve and Vanessa are.
    Is there any plans to meet up tonight (Oct 5).
    I could use some company, I’m suffering some culture shock to say the least.
    My email is kdely@yahoo.com


  27. Kerry Donars said on 05-10-2013

    I see Sara and Bob are also there.

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