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This section allows both formal and informal postings from Contributors all over the world in matters related to yoga – its philosophy, techniques, practices – as well as posts on matters of self-realization, higher knowledge, spirituality and meditation.

Contributions are encouraged in the form of posts like articles relating to expertise in a specific area, personal experiences that correlate to the subject and of the like.

By contributing you will not only help reach your valuable inputs to interested people from all around the world, but also develop closer bonds and affinity through your sharings.

Regular and popular contributors can expect to be highlighted through the Ajarya Outreach program, which helps in connecting the Yoga and Holistic health community worldwide.

We encourage contributions from the heart and experiential learning, not just academic treatises, because the permanence of yoga is through the heart. Your sharings need not be only through Words but also through pictures, videos or any manner which you feel would make the community happier. As an example, visit our Yoga Arts page to see how an Ajarya Yoga teacher depicts his love for Yoga through Art

So, leave aside your inhibitions and start putting down what is close to your heart!!

Simply join in and start contributing, through the "register" link in the upper end of the right column.

If you are already registered, you can simply sign in , even through your social media account and start contributing straightaway.

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