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Practicing yoga and teaching yoga are quite different. Good yoga practitioners often experience challenges in making the transition to successful teaching.

This category is exclusively devoted to Ajarya Students. By contributing in this category, Ajarya Students – past and present – including Teacher Training Program students are encouraged to :

  • Highlight your progress – Share your experience of holding a yoga class OR even your class settings through photos; your every little achievement, to motivate yourself as well as your fellow Ajarya teachers
  • Build a Support Group – Provide and receive support within the Ajarya fraternity to help yourself & fellow students make the transition into confident teachers. Share and receive guidance on setting up and marketing your yoga practice and studio. Do this by simple sharing of thoughts, tips, achievements, difficulties, frustrations, motivations.
  • Build a strong Alumni Build the strength of the Academy that you passed out from. Create a fraternity among Ajarya Students to bond together, exchange plans and form alliances, share job opportunities etc. In other words, build a strong alumni.

Ajarya Students cut across nationalities and come from all over the world to learn together.

It is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that brings so many people from so many different cultures to live together for several days through a training program.

The aim of this section is to build on and nurture the relationships that have been formed, through the common thread which is Yoga.

Please take an effort to build on this glue by sharing your growth in Yoga from time to time.

Simply sign in, and start commenting, bonding and sharing your yoga experiences.

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