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Welcome to the Ajarya Yoga Blog!

Through this blog, open to contribution from all yoga lovers, we aim to bring together Ajarya Students and Yoga lovers and contributors from around the world to exchange notes, share ideas and experiences as well as help resolve queries.

We invite genuine Yoga practitioners and contributors from all over the World, to help Ajarya Students transition into fuller yoga learners and teachers, and support them in their growth. Your contribution in this blog could be through answering the questions posed here or through thought-provoking articles or your expertise in yoga practices.

In particular, Ajarya Yoga Teacher Training Students – present trainees as well as past alumni – may share their evolution as Yoga teachers, pose their yoga questions, offer yoga-related assistance or issues that help them grow in their yoga path, including forming a close knit community.

Active blog contributors will not only help in building a strong network for everyone"s benefit, but also open up several opportunities for themselves by showcasing their developments to possible recruiters, get invitations to conferences and refresher programs, workshops and retreats.

Most importantly, you will help create a Global Fraternity of Peace through the unifying fragrance of Yoga

So, please join in and start contributing, through the “register” link in the upper end of the right column.

If you are already registered, you can simply sign in , even through your social media account and start contributing or commenting on articles and questions.

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  1. LucĂ­a boschini secaira said on 12-02-2013

    Thank you for all Your support

  2. Suresh Verma said on 14-10-2015

    I have joined yoga training course.It is a good platform to me start the yogic journey where i’ll learn the basic. get the benefits of yoga, it

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